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A Star Wars podcast where we discuss the books, films, TV and everything to do with our favourite Galaxy Far Far Away!

October 21, 2017

Thought Bombs with Bryan Livengood

Can Bryan survive the Thought Bomb? Welcome back to another episode of Thought Bombs, our special series where we tackle some of the big, important Star Wars questions. This epsiode, we're joined by the enigmatic Bryan from Hyperspace PodBlast podcast! We ask him what would have happened if Han Solo had died at the end of Empire Strikes Back, plus whether or not Mara Jade Skywalker should become canon. As always, let us know your take on the Thought Bombs on the Twitter @BrighttreeRadio - or you can catch Bryan on his personal Twitter @blivengo, on his wonderful podcast @hyperspace_pod or his word nerdery on hyperspacepodblast.com. 

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